Contest Winners of the BSU Football Ticket Giveaway

Winner of the BSU Football Ticket Giveaway

The winner of “4″ south endzone tickets to the Southern Mississippi vs. Boise State football tickets is MISTY PARENT of Ontario, OR.

Winners of the Carl’s Jr. Burger Giveaway

Congratulations to the following participants for winning a FREE Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger:

Candice Johnson – Boise
Heather Buckley – Caldwell
Marti Heath – Nampa
Carol Walker – Nampa
Tyson Ward – Meridian
James Lawler – Nampa
Matt Brown – Boise
Calvin Gaus – Boise
Chris Keating – Boise
Jesse Robinson – Boise
Diane Stoaks – Ontario
Andrea Hogmire – Caldwell
David Jacobsen – Meridian
Chris Baird – Middleton
Dane Budmundson – Boise
Barbara Burt – Boise
Jaimee Evans – Mt. Home AFB
Daniel Curtis – Emmett
Michael Ferrin – Boise
Lila Sharp – Boise

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