Codename Anastasia Chapter 36: Everything You Need to Know

Codename Anastasia is a well-liked web novel that follows the adventures of Anastasia, a spy working for the secretive Chrysanthemum Garden organization. Her mission is to infiltrate dangerous situations and uncover the secrets of the formidable Nuclear Man, who poses a global threat with his nuclear weapons.

The novel has been serialized on since 2022, gathering a dedicated fanbase for its thrilling plot, action-packed scenes, and romantic subplots. Currently in its second volume, the novel has released 35 chapters.

For fans eagerly awaiting Chapter 36, here’s everything you need to know, including the release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, recap, and spoilers.

Release Date

Chapter 36 is set to release on February 08, 2024. You can unofficially read it on

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The main characters include:

  • Anastasia: The protagonist, a skilled spy for the Chrysanthemum Garden. Initially reserved, she gradually opens up to her teammates and love interests.
  • Leo: Anastasia’s cheerful partner, who harbors feelings for her.
  • Ivan: Anastasia’s rival, a genius with an arrogant demeanor.
  • The Nuclear Man: The mysterious antagonist wielding nuclear weapons, with an enigmatic connection to Anastasia’s past.


The story follows Anastasia’s missions to thwart the Nuclear Man and his allies, while grappling with personal challenges and uncovering her past.

Trailer Release

Although Chapter 36’s official trailer isn’t out yet, you can watch previous trailers on anime-planet.com² for hints about the upcoming plot.


In Chapter 35, Anastasia and her team infiltrated a Russian nuclear facility, only to be ensnared in a trap. Despite this setback, Anastasia managed to uncover a message from the Nuclear Man, hinting at a personal connection and a meeting in another location, leaving her bewildered.


The Nuclear Man’s message implies knowledge of Anastasia’s past, potentially setting up a confrontation or revelation. In Chapter 36, Anastasia must decide whether to pursue this lead while navigating the complexities of her relationships with Leo and Ivan. Expect more action, suspense, and romantic entanglements as the story unfolds.

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