Ethical Policy

1. Purpose and Overview

1.1 is committed to providing a responsible and ethical platform for entertainment enthusiasts, focusing on anime, manga, and release date information.

2. Accuracy and Transparency

2.1 We pledge to provide accurate and up-to-date information on release dates, anime, manga, and related content.

2.2 In cases where information may change, we will promptly update the content to reflect the most current and accurate details.

3. Content Originality and Copyright Compliance

3.1 We respect intellectual property rights and commit to providing original content or appropriately crediting the source.

3.2 If any content is found to infringe on copyright, we will promptly remove or rectify it upon notification from the rightful owner.

4. User Privacy and Data Security

4.1 User privacy is a top priority. We collect and store user data only for essential functions, and we will never share or sell personal information without explicit consent.

4.2 We employ robust security measures to protect user data and ensure a safe browsing experience.

5. Community Standards

5.1 We foster a respectful and inclusive community. Hate speech, discrimination, and harassment will not be tolerated on our platform.

5.2 Users are encouraged to express opinions and engage in discussions, provided it is done in a constructive and respectful manner.

6. Adherence to Legal and Regulatory Standards

6.1 We comply with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring that our activities align with legal standards.

6.2 Any content that violates laws or regulations will be promptly removed, and appropriate action will be taken.

7. Feedback and Accountability

7.1 We welcome feedback from our users and the community, as it helps us improve our services and maintain high ethical standards.

7.2 We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and will take corrective measures if any ethical breaches occur.

8. Continuous Improvement

8.1 We commit to regularly reviewing and updating our ethical policy to adapt to evolving standards and industry best practices.

8.2 Users will be informed of any significant changes to the ethical policy.