Is a Sequel to ‘The Unseen Gentleman’ on the Horizon? Lead Actor Shares Insights on Potential Follow-Up

Will There Be A ‘The Invisible Man 2’ Movie

Following the resounding triumph of “The Invisible Man” in 2020, Aldis Hodge, one of the film’s stars, disclosed his lack of communication regarding a potential sequel. Despite his eagerness to reprise his role, Hodge expressed frustration over the absence of any progress updates regarding the sequel’s development.

The haze enveloping the sequel’s fate can be traced back to the tumultuous events of the previous year, including the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruptions caused by writers’ and actors’ strikes.

Regarding the prospect of a sequel, Hodge conveyed his eagerness to collaborate once again with director Leigh Whannell and co-star Elisabeth Moss, commending Whannell’s knack for crafting suspenseful narratives.

Although he remained open to the idea of returning for a sequel, Hodge admitted to being left in the dark since the initial film’s release.

In “The Invisible Man,” Moss depicted a woman ensnared in a terrifying ordeal orchestrated by her supposedly deceased ex-boyfriend, who harnesses a suit to vanish and terrorize her. Hodge portrayed James, a steadfast ally who aids Moss’s character in her quest for vengeance against her unseen assailant.

While Moss hinted at the potential for a sequel in 2022, stressing the importance of honoring the original’s legacy, she opted to keep specific details under wraps.

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Moss assured fans that the creative team remained steadfast in their commitment to delivering a sequel that would uphold, if not surpass, the caliber of the first installment.

Despite the enigmatic nature of these statements, Moss playfully acknowledged the delicate balance between meeting the expectations of the creative team and those of producers like Jason Blum and Universal.

The uncertainty looming over the fate of “The Invisible Man” sequel has left fans eagerly awaiting any official announcements regarding the continuation of this gripping and critically acclaimed narrative.

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