Is Ariel Tweto Married?

Is Ariel Tweto Married? Her Current Relationship Status Explained!

Ariel Tweto, known for her roles in “Flying Wild Alaska” and “Wipeout,” is a TV personality and private pilot. Beyond her professional life, many are interested in her personal life, specifically her marital status and romantic relationships. This article delves into the details and speculation surrounding Ariel Tweto’s relationship status.

Is Ariel Tweto Married?

In short, the answer is no. Ariel Tweto has never been married and chooses to keep her personal life private. Despite her active presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she often shares about her family, friends, travels, and adventures, she does not disclose information or photos about any potential romantic partner or boyfriend.

Who is Ariel Tweto’s Partner?

Given her single status, the next inquiry is about whether she has a partner or boyfriend. Various rumors have circulated, but none have been confirmed by Ariel herself. Some of the speculated partners include:

  • Nicholes Cole: Reports suggest a relationship between Ariel Tweto and Nicholes Cole, a musician and producer. However, no evidence, such as photos or social media posts, supports this claim. Ariel has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor.
  • John Ponts: Ariel Tweto’s friendship with John Ponts, a fellow pilot and co-star in “Flying Wild Alaska,” has sparked speculation. Nevertheless, John Ponts is married to another woman, and Ariel has not shown any romantic interest in him. They maintain a professional friendship.
  • Joel David Moore: Ariel worked with actor and director Joel David Moore in the movie “Drone,” leading to rumors about their relationship. Despite appearances together in events and interviews, neither has confirmed nor denied any romantic involvement. Their relationship seems to be professional.


Ariel Tweto is a successful and adventurous individual who has achieved notable milestones in her career. She is not married and has not disclosed details about her partner or boyfriend. Whether or not she is in a romantic relationship, Ariel chooses to maintain privacy in this aspect of her life, focusing instead on her work and passions. Her life serves as inspiration for those pursuing their dreams and embracing life’s adventures.


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