Just Twilight Chapter 29 Release Date & Recap!

Just Twilight, a beloved BL webtoon by Lee Hyun and Kim Jihoon, has captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline. Centered around Beomjin, a high school student harboring feelings for his childhood friend Junyoung, the series delves into the enigmatic occurrences within their town, weaving suspenseful narratives and sizzling encounters.

Release Date

Scheduled for worldwide release on February 19, 2024, fans can anticipate accessing Just Twilight Chapter 29 at 8:00 p.m. KST for Korean readers and 4:30 p.m. IST for Indian readers.

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The main characters of Just Twilight include:

  • Beomjin: The protagonist, characterized by his timid demeanor and unrequited love for Junyoung. Possessing the ability to glimpse into others’ pasts and futures through touch, Beomjin navigates his feelings amidst supernatural challenges.
  • Junyoung: Beomjin’s outgoing childhood friend, oblivious to Beomjin’s affections. Concealing a secret of his own, Junyoung adds layers of complexity to the narrative.
  • Seungwoo: A mysterious transfer student exhibiting a cold exterior yet harboring a keen interest in Beomjin. Seungwoo’s arrival introduces new dynamics and mysteries.
  • Yoonji: Junyoung’s girlfriend and Beomjin’s romantic rival, presenting a facade of beauty and intellect while concealing a darker side.


Just Twilight follows Beomjin’s journey of self-discovery and love confession to Junyoung amidst paranormal events plaguing their town. As Beomjin grapples with his newfound abilities and feelings, encounters with Seungwoo and Yoonji further complicate his path. Unraveling the truth behind the town’s history becomes intertwined with Beomjin’s personal quest for identity and love.


In the previous installment, Beomjin witnessed Junyoung sharing a kiss with Yoonji, prompting a rift between the friends. Seeking solace, Beomjin encounters Seungwoo, who offers support and confesses his affection. Tensions rise as Beomjin rejects Seungwoo’s advances, culminating in a cliffhanger moment, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter’s resolution.

Latest Updates

Teasing fans with sneak peeks and spoilers, the creators hinted at a continuation of the gripping narrative with Chapter 29. Promising a significant plot twist and emotional confrontations between Beomjin and Seungwoo, anticipation builds for Junyoung’s unexpected role in the unfolding drama. With the creators urging fans to stay tuned and show their support, excitement mounts for the forthcoming chapter.

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