Letterkenny Season 12 Drops Before Christmas!

“Letterkenny,” a Canadian sitcom created by Jared Keeso, has enjoyed immense popularity since its debut in 2016. Following the escapades of residents in the fictional town of Letterkenny, the show has amassed a sizable fan base due to its clever humor and distinctive portrayal of rural life.

Release Date

The highly anticipated 12th season of “Letterkenny” is scheduled for release on December 25, 2023. This date signifies the launch of the series’ concluding episodes, generating excitement among fans eagerly anticipating the culmination of the show.

Availability on Streaming Platforms

After premiering on Crave, the series will be accessible for streaming on Hulu starting from December 26, 2023. This ensures that fans outside Canada can also relish the final season of this beloved series.

Main Characters

The primary characters in “Letterkenny” include:

  • Wayne (Jared Keeso): Leader of the “Hicks,” acknowledged as the “toughest guy in Letterkenny.”
  • Daryl (Nathan Dales): Wayne’s best friend and right-hand man.
  • Katy (Michelle Mylett): Wayne’s sister.
  • Dan (K. Trevor Wilson): Also known as “Squirrelly Dan,” one of Wayne’s close friends.
  • Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Herr): Hockey players.
  • Stewart (Tyler Johnston): One of the “Skids.”

These characters form the core group around which the show revolves, complemented by numerous supporting characters contributing to the series’ charm and humor.


“Letterkenny” is a Canadian sitcom depicting life in the fictional town of Letterkenny, a rural Irish-Canadian community in Ontario, Canada. The narrative centers on siblings Wayne and Katy, who manage a small farm and produce stand with assistance from Wayne’s friends Daryl and “SquirrelyDan.

The storyline revolves around minor clashes among the town’s diverse cliques, including the farmers (“the hicks”), the out-of-town hockey team members, the closeted Christian minister, the drug addicts (“the skids”), the First Nation reservation members (“the natives”), gym enthusiasts, local Mennonites, and the Québécois.

Early plots focus on Wayne defending his title as “the toughest guy in Letterkenny,” the town’s struggling hockey team, the skids’ schemes, and Wayne’s dating life post-breakup with his cheating high school sweetheart. The series is renowned for its quick-witted, fast-paced comedy depicting rural life in a small town.


As the release date approaches, fans worldwide are gearing up to bid farewell to this iconic series. The final season promises more of the witty humor and captivating storytelling that “Letterkenny” is celebrated for. So, mark your calendars and prepare for the grand finale of “Letterkenny“!


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