Night By The Sea Chapter 78

Night By The Sea Chapter 78 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Many More!

Night By The Sea, a beloved romance manhua, chronicles the journey of Lin Xian, a young woman who inherits a seaside villa from her grandfather. Her encounter with the enigmatic and handsome Ye Shu, who claims ownership of the villa, sets the stage for a tale filled with love, secrets, and adversaries.

Release Date

Fans can anticipate the release of Night By The Sea Chapter 78 on February 8, 2024, as per the official ManhuaScan website. Note that the release time may differ depending on your time zone.

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The main characters of Night By The Sea include:

  • Lin Xian: The optimistic protagonist, inheriting a seaside villa and aspiring to be a writer.
  • Ye Shu: A mysterious man with a hidden identity, gradually warming up to Lin Xian despite his cold demeanor.
  • Xu Zhiyuan: Lin Xian’s childhood friend and a protective lawyer.
  • Liu Yiyi: Lin Xian’s supportive colleague.
  • Zhou Qian: A jealous rival of Lin Xian.


Night By The Sea revolves around Lin Xian and Ye Shu’s romance amidst challenges and dangers. Ye Shu’s obscured past and enemies threaten their relationship, affecting Lin Xian’s life and career. As they confront obstacles and unveil secrets, their bond strengthens.


Though an official trailer for Chapter 78 isn’t available yet, fans can expect teasers on ManhuaScan’s website or social media platforms, offering glimpses into upcoming events.

Recap and Spoilers

In the prior chapter, Lin Xian and Ye Shu enjoyed a romantic carnival date before being ambushed by masked assailants. Ye Shu, injured in the skirmish, will finally reveal his true identity to Lin Xian in Chapter 78. He discloses being framed for a crime, necessitating his flight and name change. As he professes his love, a call from Xu Zhiyuan alerts Lin Xian of her hospitalized grandfather, presumably poisoned by enemies. Determined to uncover the perpetrators and safeguard each other, Lin Xian and Ye Shu vow to protect their loved ones.

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