Return Of The Bloodthirsty Police Chapter 49 Release Date Recap & Latest News!

“Return of the Bloodthirsty Police” is a popular manga series that narrates the tale of Bi-Gwang, a notorious assassin betrayed and killed by his organization. He reincarnates as Kim Gyeongsoo, a police officer seeking revenge. Written by Lee Je Hwan and Lee Yoon-Kyoon, the manga has been serialized online since April 2023, gaining popularity for its action-packed scenes, intriguing plot twists, and dark humor. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Chapter 49 of “Return of the Bloodthirsty Police.”

Release Date

Chapter 49 of “Return of the Bloodthirsty Police” is set to release on Friday, February 9, 2024, at 12:00 AM KST and JST. The release time may vary by region. For Indian readers, the chapter will be available on February 8, 2024, at 8:30 AM IST. You can read the latest chapters on various online platforms such as Mangakakalot and Raw Manga.

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The main characters include:

  • Bi-Gwang/Kim Gyeongsoo: The protagonist, once a ruthless killer for the secret organization Hwaguksa. After being betrayed and killed, he is reborn as Kim Gyeongsoo, a rookie police officer with no memory of his past life. Retaining his assassin skills, he gradually recovers memories, vowing to take down Hwaguksa and avenge his death.
  • Lee Seonhwa: Kim Gyeongsoo’s partner and love interest, a kind and cheerful police officer. Unaware of his true identity and mission, she trusts and supports him while being a skilled fighter.
  • Maple Leaf: The mysterious leader of Hwaguksa responsible for Bi-Gwang’s death. Obsessed with finding the secrets of the Hwaguksa temple, he seeks to eliminate Bi-Gwang for good.
  • Other characters: The series features various supporting and antagonistic characters, adding depth to the storyline.


The story revolves around Bi-Gwang, kidnapped and raised by Hwaguksa, an organization training assassins. Despite becoming one of their best killers, Bi-Gwang longs for a normal life. After being betrayed and executed, his soul transfers to Kim Gyeongsoo’s body, a police officer with no memories. As Kim Gyeongsoo discovers his past and battles former enemies, he must stop Hwaguksa’s sinister plot while protecting loved ones and his identity.


A Chapter 49 trailer for “Return of the Bloodthirsty Police” is available on YouTube. The trailer depicts Kim Gyeongsoo and his team facing a horde of brainwashed cultists. It hints at a confrontation between Kim Gyeongsoo and Maple Leaf at the Hwaguksa temple.


In Chapter 48, Kim Gyeongsoo and his team infiltrate the Hwaguksa temple, only to be ambushed by cultists loyal to Maple Leaf. The cultists, revived by Hwaguksa, attack with knives, guns, and explosives. Kim Gyeongsoo, recognizing former targets among them, unleashes his assassin skills. However, his rampage shocks his teammates. Lee Seonhwa calms him down, reminding him of his identity as a police officer.

Their moment is interrupted by a noise from the temple’s inner part, leading to a huge explosion. Recognizing it as a signal from Maple Leaf, Kim Gyeongsoo decides to pursue him for their final battle.

Latest News

  • The manga series has received praise for its thrilling story, realistic art style, and complex characters.
  • An adaptation into a live-action drama is currently airing on Netflix, starring Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, and Kim Woo-bin, receiving positive reviews and high ratings.
  • The manga has inspired a video game, set to release in March 2024 as a third-person shooter by Rockstar Games, available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC, featuring a multiplayer mode for online play.

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