Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 47 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Many More!

Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 47 Release Date

Solo Farming In The Tower is a beloved Korean webtoon that follows the adventures of Lee Joon, a young man who stumbles upon a mysterious tower in the heart of the city. Within this tower, he discovers a farm where he can cultivate crops and raise animals while encountering various dangers and challenges. Kim Seung-hyun both writes and illustrates this webtoon, which has been serialized on Naver Webtoon since 2022.

Release Date

The anticipated release date for Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 47 is February 14, 2024, as per Naver Webtoon’s official schedule. Updates for the webtoon are typically on Wednesdays and Sundays, with the latest chapter becoming freely accessible a week after its release. To read the webtoon, you can visit the Naver Webtoon app or website, or other platforms authorized to distribute it.

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The main characters in Solo Farming In The Tower include:

  • Lee Joon: The protagonist, a 20-year-old college student who stumbles upon the tower and decides to farm there. He possesses a calm and rational demeanor, along with skills in utilizing various tools and weapons. Furthermore, he possesses a mysterious ability to communicate with the tower’s flora and fauna.
  • Kim Soo-jin: The deuteragonist, a 19-year-old high school student who accompanies Lee Joon in the tower. She is characterized by her cheerful and energetic personality, along with a penchant for exploration and experimentation. Additionally, she harbors feelings for Lee Joon and frequently assists him on his farm.
  • Park Hyun-woo: A supporting character, a 21-year-old college student who is both Lee Joon’s friend and roommate. He is depicted as intelligent and handsome, with proficiency in hacking and research. Park Hyun-woo aids Lee Joon by providing information and analyzing the tower, occasionally joining him on the farm.
  • Choi Min-ji: Another supporting character, a 20-year-old college student who is friends with Kim Soo-jin and attends the same class. She is described as beautiful, fashionable, and confident, with a popularity among her peers. Her romantic interest lies with Park Hyun-woo, and she often endeavors to draw closer to him or provoke jealousy.


The storyline of Solo Farming In The Tower centers around Lee Joon’s ventures and revelations within the tower, as well as his interactions and bonds with other characters. The tower comprises several floors, each presenting distinct environments, creatures, and artifacts. Lee Joon must farm, combat, and endure within the tower while unraveling its enigmas and secrets. Additionally, he must contend with external threats such as individuals seeking entry to the tower or organizations aiming to exploit it.


In the previous chapter, Lee Joon and Kim Soo-jin explored the 10th floor of the tower, encountering a wintry landscape populated by hostile snowmen armed with snowballs and ice spears. Despite the adversaries’ surprising intellect and emotion, Lee Joon and Kim Soo-jin successfully repelled them with their weaponry and skills. The duo pondered whether the tower intended to test or instruct them.

Meanwhile, Park Hyun-woo and Choi Min-ji monitored the tower’s data and signals from Lee Joon’s apartment. Park Hyun-woo uncovered a concealed frequency emitting a coded transmission. Despite his attempts to decode it, Choi Min-ji’s interruption led to their watching a movie together, albeit Park Hyun-woo’s reluctance.

Latest Information

Chapter 47 of Solo Farming In The Tower will continue Lee Joon and Kim Soo-jin’s exploration of the 10th floor, along with the revelation of the tower’s code. Preview details reveal that they will discover a frozen lake where they encounter a formidable ice dragon holding pivotal information about the tower’s origins and purpose. Meanwhile, Park Hyun-woo will decipher the tower’s code, prompting a shocking revelation. His attempts to warn Lee Joon will encounter an unforeseen obstacle.

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