The Beast Within Chapter 43 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, Recap and Latest Information!

The Beast Within, a popular fantasy action webtoon by Vough, narrates the adventures of Stellan, a young man unknowingly harboring a beast within. As he matures, the beast emerges in his dreams, awaiting the opportune moment to unleash its power. What unfolds when the beast takes control? How will Stellan grapple with his dual nature? And what secrets conceal his mysterious past?

For enthusiasts of this webtoon eagerly anticipating The Beast Within Chapter 43, your anticipation is rewarded. We’ve compiled comprehensive information, including the release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, recap, and the latest updates. Let’s delve into the details without further delay.

Release Date

Scheduled for release on February 11, 2024, The Beast Within Chapter 43 updates every Saturday on official platforms. The release time is GMT+9, South Korea’s standard time, where the webtoon originates. Release times may vary based on your location. Below is a table indicating approximate release times in different time zones.

Time Zone Release Time
GMT 1:00 AM
EST 8:00 PM
PST 5:00 PM
IST 6:30 AM
JST 10:00 AM

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The primary cast of The Beast Within comprises the following characters:

  • Stellan: The webtoon’s protagonist, a young man with a latent beast. Unaware of his true nature, he endeavors to lead a normal life, displaying kindness, bravery, and loyalty, albeit with a touch of naivety and impulsiveness. He harbors a crush on his childhood friend, Lila.
  • Lila: Stellan’s childhood friend and love interest, a cheerful waitress unaware of Stellan’s secret. She supports him as a friend and becomes the target of hunters for unknown reasons.
  • Clodan: The webtoon’s antagonist, a mysterious and potent figure leading a group of hunters. He is intrigued by Stellan, seeking to awaken his beast. Cold, ruthless, and manipulative, Clodan is also charismatic and seductive.
  • Ray: A supporting character and fellow beast-bearer, Ray is a mercenary with a wolf-like beast. Fierce, independent, and loyal, she aids Stellan and Lila when attacked by hunters.
  • Vanni: Another supporting character and beast-bearer, Vanni is a hacker with a fox-like beast. Smart, witty, and friendly, he aids Stellan and Lila with his skills.


The narrative centers on Stellan’s adventures, unaware of the beast within. Attacked by hunters eager to capture and awaken his beast, he is rescued by Ray and Vanni, revealing a hidden world of people like him. They caution about Clodan, the hunter leader, and Stellan decides to unravel the mysteries of his past. Along the way, he faces dangers, mysteries, enemies, and his own emotions for Lila and Clodan.

Trailer Release

The official website features the trailer for The Beast Within Chapter 43, offering glimpses of Stellan and Clodan’s battle, Ray and Vanni’s escape, and Lila’s capture. The trailer teases revelations and twists to captivate readers.


In the preceding chapter, Stellan and Clodan engage in a fierce battle. Clodan, using mind control, manipulates Stellan with illusions, revealing his true name and origin. Claiming to be Stellan’s creator, Clodan triggers the awakening of Stellan’s beast. Meanwhile, Ray and Vanni escape the castle, learning of a new mission to rescue Lila from hunters.

Latest Information

The upcoming Chapter 43 promises thrills and shocks, revealing secrets and altering relationships. According to the author, Vough, the chapter will explore the aftermath of Stellan’s transformation and its impact on him and Clodan. The focus will extend to Ray and Vanni’s mission to save Lila, promising surprises and twists that will leave readers astonished. Vough expresses gratitude for reader support, encouraging them to stay tuned for the next chapter of The Beast Within.

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