The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers!

The Problematic Prince is a popular manhwa series that follows the adventures of Prince Björn, a rebellious and charismatic royal who is always getting into trouble. The manhwa is written by Kim Eun-ji and illustrated by Lee Seung-hyun, and has been serialized on Naver Webtoon since 2022.

The series has gained a loyal fanbase for its thrilling plot, humorous dialogue, and attractive characters. The latest chapter, Chapter 56, left the readers on a cliffhanger, as Prince Björn was trapped behind a wall of fire by his enemies. What will happen to him in the next chapter? Here is everything you need to know about The Problematic Prince Chapter 57.

Release Date

The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. The manhwa is updated every Saturday, but due to the Lunar New Year holiday, the release date has been pushed back by two days. You can read the new chapter on the official Naver Webtoon website or app.

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The main cast of The Problematic Prince consists of:

  • Prince Björn: The protagonist of the series, he is the second prince of the Kingdom of Valhalla. He is known for his rebellious and adventurous personality, as well as his charm and charisma. He often gets into trouble with his father, the king, and his older brother, Prince Odin. He is also the target of many assassination attempts by his enemies from other kingdoms.
  • Princess Freya: The female lead of the series, she is the princess of the Kingdom of Asgard. She is a strong and independent woman who is skilled in swordsmanship and magic. She is engaged to Prince Odin, but she develops feelings for Prince Björn after meeting him during a diplomatic mission.
  • Prince Odin: The first prince of the Kingdom of Valhalla and the heir to the throne. He is a calm and composed leader who is respected by his people and allies. He is engaged to Princess Freya, but he is unaware of her feelings for Prince Björn. He is also the rival of Prince Björn, as they compete for their father’s approval and affection.
  • Prince Loki: The third prince of the Kingdom of Valhalla and the youngest brother of Prince Björn and Prince Odin. He is a cunning and mischievous boy who likes to play pranks and cause trouble. He is also a genius who is proficient in magic and technology. He is loyal to Prince Björn and often helps him out of sticky situations.


The plot of The Problematic Prince revolves around the adventures and challenges of Prince Björn, as he tries to survive in a world full of enemies, secrets, and dangers. He also has to deal with his complicated relationships with his family, friends, and love interests.

In the previous chapters, Prince Björn was invited to a banquet by the King of Midgard, who claimed to be his ally. However, it turned out to be a trap, as the King of Midgard revealed that he was working with the Kingdom of Jotunheim, the sworn enemy of Valhalla. The King of Midgard ordered his soldiers to kill Prince Björn and his companions, who were caught off guard.

Prince Björn managed to fight back and escape, but he was separated from his friends and cornered by the enemy forces. He was surrounded by a wall of fire, created by a powerful mage from Jotunheim. The last panel showed Prince Björn’s determined face, as he prepared to face his foes.


The spoilers for The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 are not yet available, as the manhwa is still in production. However, based on the previous chapters, we can make some predictions and speculations about what will happen next.

  • Prince Björn will use his wit and courage to overcome the wall of fire and defeat his enemies. He will also discover the identity and motive of the mage from Jotunheim, who might be related to his past or his destiny.
  • Princess Freya, who was also at the banquet, will realize that Prince Björn is in danger and rush to his aid. She will use her sword and magic to fight her way through the enemy soldiers and reach Prince Björn’s side. She will also confess her feelings for him and ask him to choose between her and Prince Odin.
  • Prince Odin, who was not at the banquet, will receive the news of Prince Björn’s predicament and decide to rescue him. He will lead his army to the Kingdom of Midgard and confront the King of Midgard and the Jotunheim forces. He will also face his brother and his fiancée, and demand an explanation for their actions and feelings.
  • Prince Loki, who was also separated from Prince Björn, will use his magic and technology to hack into the security system of the Kingdom of Midgard and create a diversion. He will also contact his allies and inform them of the situation. He will also reunite with Prince Björn and help him escape.

These are just some of the possible scenarios that could happen in The Problematic Prince Chapter 57. Of course, the actual chapter might differ from these predictions, so we will have to wait and see what the author has in store for us. Until then, stay tuned for more updates and spoilers on The Problematic Prince.


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