To My Husband’s Mistress Chapter 26 Release Date and latest Updates!

To My Husband’s Mistress Chapter 26

“To My Husband’s Mistress” is a widely beloved web novel recounting the tale of a woman who uncovers her husband’s infidelity with his secretary. She resolves to retaliate by captivating the secretary’s fiancé, who coincidentally is the crown prince of the kingdom. However, complications arise as she finds herself developing genuine feelings for the prince, entangling herself in the political intrigues of the royal court.

This narrative has been adapted into a webtoon and a drama series, both garnering considerable fanfare and attention. As of now, the webtoon has reached its 25th chapter, released on February 8, 2024, while the drama series has aired its 10th episode on February 7, 2024.

Release Date

The webtoon receives updates every Monday, thus the forthcoming chapter, Chapter 26, is anticipated to release on February 12, 2024. Meanwhile, the drama series airs every Sunday and Monday, with Episode 11 expected to air on February 11, 2024.

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Featuring a cast comprising some of the industry’s most renowned and skillful actors and actresses, the drama series boasts stellar performances. Here’s a glimpse at some principal cast members and their respective roles:

  • Lee Min-ji portrays Kim Soo-jin, the protagonist and wife of the unfaithful husband. A brilliant and beautiful lawyer, she is resolute in seeking retribution against her husband and his mistress by captivating the prince.
  • Park Seo-joon embodies Lee Hyun-woo, the crown prince and fiancé of the secretary. A strikingly handsome and charismatic figure, he is the kingdom’s heir apparent. Initially vexed by Soo-jin’s advances, he gradually finds himself falling for her.
  • Kim Ji-won brings to life Choi Yoo-na, the secretary and husband’s mistress. Cunning and ambitious, she aspires to ascend the social hierarchy by marrying the prince. Envious of Soo-jin, she endeavors to undermine her relationship with the prince.
  • Lee Dong-wook portrays Kim Jae-hyun, the husband and adulterer. A prosperous and affluent businessman wedded to Soo-jin, he grows weary of his marriage and engages in an affair with Yoo-na. Oblivious to Soo-jin’s retaliatory scheme, he perceives her as loyal.


The storyline of both the webtoon and the drama series closely follows the central narrative, with slight deviations and supplementary elements. At its core, the plot revolves around the love triangle involving Soo-jin, Hyun-woo, and Yoo-na, intertwined with the political tensions within the royal family and the rebels.

In the latest webtoon chapter, Chapter 25, Soo-jin and Hyun-woo share a tender moment in the garden, confessing their love for each other. Their exchange is disrupted by Yoo-na, feigning shock and anguish at their betrayal. Accusing Soo-jin of opportunism and home-wrecking, Yoo-na threatens to expose their affair publicly. Hyun-woo defends Soo-jin, expressing his desire to terminate their engagement. Enraged, Yoo-na vows to wreak havoc on their lives.

The most recent episode of the drama series, Episode 10, features a similar garden scene, interrupted by Jae-hyun, who trails them there. Stunned and incensed by witnessing his wife and the prince together, Jae-hyun confronts them. Soo-jin divulges her awareness of his affair with Yoo-na, admitting to her relationship with the prince as a means of retaliation. Jae-hyun is left speechless, while Hyun-woo admires Soo-jin’s bravery.

Latest Updates

Enthusiasts of the webtoon and the drama series eagerly await forthcoming chapters and episodes, eager to unravel the ensuing developments. Will Soo-jin and Hyun-woo overcome the obstacles to unite? Will Yoo-na and Jae-hyun abandon their schemes and accept their fates? Will the royal family and the rebels find common ground or plunge into conflict?

Kim Eun-soo, the webtoon’s author, tantalizes fans with hints of a pivotal twist in the forthcoming chapter, promising to alter the narrative trajectory. Expressing gratitude for the support and feedback, she encourages fans to remain engaged for future updates.

Director Lee Joon-hyuk teases action-packed drama in the upcoming episode, as characters confront fresh challenges and perils. Commending the cast and crew for their dedication, he invites viewers to savor the unfolding drama.

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